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Definition: Web addresses that are used to help people find websites on the Internet. Domain names are made up of a hierarchy known as levels, which are separated by periods (".") within the domain name.

Top-level domains include domains such as .com, .net, .ws.

Some Country specific domains are: .co.uk (United Kingdom), .com.au (Australia) and of course, .co.za (South Africa).

How to register your domain.

Normally you will need some help from an ISP to do this. (e-mail us if you need help)

.com, .net etc you can register yourself, there are many domain name registrars available and pricing and services vary.

For .co.za you have to first have your domain set up on an ISPs DNS server before you can register your domain. You then e-mail in a form to Uniforum (the .co.za registration people), they check that the domain is set up on the listed DNS servers and then e-mail you confirmation of successful / unsuccessful registration. You are then sent an invoice via e-mail for the domain which must be paid or your domain will be suspended and eventually deleted so that anyone can then register it again.

If you need help getting your domain registered, or need some DNS servers to park your domain, please contact us, we can help!

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